Shaheed Beant Singh

Beant Singh was born on the 6th January 1959 in Jaitu in the Faridkot district in Punjab. Beant Singh was one of the bodyguards for Indira Gandhi (India’s prime minister) along with Satwant Singh. Both bodyguards were involved in the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. Furthermore, Indira Gandhi was known for her ruthless politics and unfair division of power. Therefore, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh took it upon themselves to assassinate her in order for fair ruling and policies for all ethnic communities within India. On the 31st October 1984, Beant and Satwant executed their plan; work shifts were switched with other former bodyguards in order to work together on the day. As Gandhi walked from her house to the office Beant Singh assassinated her by firing thirty three bullets into her chest followed by thirty bullets from Satwant Singh into her body. Moreover, shortly following Gandhi’s death both Beant and Satwant Singh was taken away and later died from gunshot wounds.

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