Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar- Imprisoned for 18 years and still serving

Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar was born on 26th May 1965 in Jalandhar, India. Davinderpal began a career at Guru Nanak Engineering College, however, he was forced to leave his career after being accused and arrested of an attack on the Indian police. Prior to his arrest; failure to find Davinderpal at his house resulted in his father, uncle and best friend being tortured to death. Furthermore, Davinderpal was sentenced for accusedly killing nine bystanders in a car bombing in 1933; in an attempt to kill ‘Maninderjeet Singh Bitta’ who was a minister in the Punjab government, yet this sentence was voiced in 1991- 58 years after the incident. Furthermore, in disagreement; Davinderpal pleaded his innocence and fled India to seek political asylum in Germany after expressing that his life was at risk in India during 1994. However, in 1995 Germany had rejected Davinderpal’s asylum plea and he was handed down to India government to attend supreme court in which a split panel decision of two judges pronouced him guilty and one judge and 133 witnesses expressed not guilty resulting in Davinderpal being sentenced to jail. Moreover, after numerous years spent in jail it was believed that Davinderpal had been tourched and heavily pressured to sign blank pieces of papers which were later produced into confession statements.

Furthermore, Davinderpal remains in jail for over 18 years and continues to spend 22 hours of each day in solitary confinement in a 9×7 cell. This has resulted in a serious mental illness in which Davinderpal spends numerous days a week in a mental hospital. To add, in recent days Davinderpal has been setenced to death penalty.

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