Navneet Kaur Bhullar wife of Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar

Navneet Kaur Bhullar– wife of falsely prisoned ‘Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar‘ who has served over a life sentence in prison and recently put on death row in India can only be described as a significant female role model possessing great bravery, strength and loyalty. Moreover, Navneet Kaur has been married to Davinderpal Singh for over 22 years regardless having been separated from him since 3 months after marriage. Navneet remains loyal and continues to battle court cases and government meetings on behalf of her husband. Furthermore, in recent months Professor Bhullar mental condition has worsen resulting in no longer being able to recognise his own wife, nevertheless, Navneet stated in a news article “I know he does not know me, but there is no substitute to seeing him alive, in front of me”.

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