Fauja Singh- World’s Oldest Marathon Runner Aged 102

Too late to start a career at the age of 89? … Ofcourse Not

Fauja Singh was born in 1911 in India- Beas Pind, Jalander-Punjab and a follower of Sikhi. Becoming a world-wide known marathon runner was not the designated career path for Fauja as he was immensely involved in his farming family occupation and was pushed to carry this forward. As wished Fauja worked as a farmer for a numbers of years. However, Fauja moved to to the UK in 1960’s after a long career as a farmer in punjab.

Unexpectedly, when Fauja hit the age of 89 his desire for running accelerated and Fauja had entered a international running event. This decision made after the death of his wife 14 years ago, since date Fauja formulated a running regime including 10 miles of running every day. Evidently, this was a precious moment in which his running career had taken off in a storm and was the first stepping stone for gaining such achievements:

  • Guinness World Record – Men’s over 90’s after finishing the 2003 Toronto marathon
  • Guinness World Record- Oldest person to complete a marathon
  • Finished the 26 mile Toronto race (Canada) ahead of five other racers in eights hours, 25 minutes, 16 seconds
  • Featured in a advertising campaign for Adidas in 2004 alongside David Beckham and Muhammad Ali

Fauja being a vegetarian offers the following words of advice to all, ‘eating ginger curry builds stamina and drinking cups of teas helps one run 10 miles everyday’. Moreover, living a happy, stress-free life is vitally important for one to conquer such world record achievements. Age did not hold Fauja back, yet this was a extra motivation to make the achievements he had in his heart. Furthermore, Fauja wearing a turban (religious symbol) did not stop him from holding the title of the ‘World’s oldest Marathon Runner’, therefore Fauja Singh is a role model for all aspiring Sikh sports players and to the public worldwide.


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